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Residential Distribution Box Safe To Use
- Jan 25, 2018 -

1. Residential distribution box For safety reasons, we also add air-conditioning outlet also with leakage switch. Lighting circuit selection without leakage protection, this topic and the air-conditioning outlet is not required to install leakage, and then the industry is controversial. Residential distribution box structure according to the installation is divided into closed hanging, Ming and embedded embedded,, concealed  two. The main structure is divided into box shell, panel, mounting bracket, neutral busbar, grounding busbar and other components.

2. The circuit breaker rated operating current is 30mA, when the leakage current to reach the action, regardless of the size of an open air safety, the same trip! When a circuit leakage occurs, branch protectors and the main switch may trip or trip at the same time, it may be because the main switch leakage protection is too sensitive to tripping, tripping does not trip the case. Although this kind of disposition has the meaning of double protection, but still inevitably the total switch trip situation, the practicality is not high, existence and the first may appear the situation.