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How To Arrange Low-voltage Distribution Cabinet Line Four Tips
- Jan 25, 2018 -

First, the site. The location of low-voltage distribution room should be close to the load center, set in less dust, less corrosive medium, dry and slight vibration, and should leave appropriate room for development;

Second, the layout of distribution equipment. Low-voltage switchgear distribution equipment layout must follow the safe, reliable, applicable and economical principles, and should be easy to install, operate, handling, maintenance, testing and monitoring. High-voltage electrical equipment and low-voltage electrical equipment located in the same room shall be provided with suitable distance and passageway exit in rows of distribution cabinets. The layout of distribution equipment should take the necessary safety measures, such as dangerous potential bare body should be added to shield or placed in the human reach outside. Barriers can be used for protection when there are difficulties with shelters and covers