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Distribution Box Troubleshooting
- Jan 25, 2018 -

1, if the new column on the distribution racks, in the production of distribution box shell, the optional 2mm thick stainless steel plate, and the appropriate proportion to enlarge the size of distribution box in order to increase the outlet of the line between the outlet and the box The outer shell of the electrical safety distance, this is conducive to the operation and maintenance of agricultural electrician and replacement of melting parts, but also heat.

2, the residual current protection device selection. Must be used in line with GB6829 standards, and by China Electrotechnical Certification Board certified products. Optional similar LJM (J) series of energy-saving, and is a low-sensitivity delay protector.

3, the use of protection circuit to prevent the distribution box power supply external circuit fault occurs. Choose a smaller phase loss intelligent phase protection device, such as the optional phase loss protection module DA88CM-II motor type, installed in the distribution box to prevent the motor running out of low-voltage phase loss and burn the motor.

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