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Distribution Box Manufacturers Explain The Distribution Box Installation Method
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Before the installation of distribution box according to the requirements of the distribution box to choose a good location, there are various lines to be clarified, etc., below we mainly look at the installation of electrical distribution box. Ming assembly box is divided into Ming Ming Ming and dark Ming Ming two, but the distribution box installation in roughly the same way. Installation of distribution box is the first to open the distribution box, divided into boxes, box core and box door three parts. Next is to install the box, with a welded method of fixing the iron frame in the established position, and then the box fixed to the iron frame; installed box, followed by the installation of the box core, the first box Debris clean, and then straighten the wire, distinguish between the branches and phase sequence, and make a mark, the core and the box fixed; Finally, the installation of lid. After installation check for errors, and then test discharge. A brief description of the steps to install the distribution box, I hope for your help.