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Distribution Box And Switch Box Construction And Installation Summary
- Jan 25, 2018 -

(1) Distribution system should be set up the total distribution box and distribution box, the implementation of hierarchical distribution.

(2) The switch box should be distributed by the final distribution box.

(3) The horizontal distance between the switch box and the control fixed electrical equipment should not exceed 3M.

(4) There should be enough space and channels for the two persons to work at the same time in the distribution box and switch box, and no objects that obstruct the operation or maintenance shall be piled up.

(5) Distribution box, switch box should be fitted with a positive, strong, mobile distribution box, switch box should be installed in a solid bracket. Fixed distribution box, the bottom of the switch box is greater than 1.3M, less than 1.5M.

(6) switchgear in the distribution box, the socket should be strong, not loose, skewed.