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Correct Installation Of Power Distribution Box And Maintenance Points
- Jan 25, 2018 -

1. Distribution box door should be locked, by someone responsible for maintenance.

2. Distribution box, switch box should be checked and repaired once a day, and fill in the record. Inspection, maintenance personnel must be a professional electrician. Inspection, maintenance must be required to wear, wear insulated shoes, gloves, you must use electrical insulation tools.

3. Distribution box for distribution box manufacturers: the correct installation of box inspection, maintenance, it must be the previous level of the corresponding power switch sub-gate off and hanging blackout signs, non-live operation.

4. Power transmission operation sequence: the total distribution box → two distribution box → switch box.

5. Blackout operation sequence: switch box → secondary distribution box → total distribution box (in case of electrical failure except emergency).

6 construction site to stop working for more than an hour, the switch box should be locked off.

7. The distribution box should not be placed in any debris, and should always be kept clean.

8. No other temporary electrical equipment shall be mounted in the distribution box.

9. Fuse melt replacement, non-compliance with the original specifications of the melt instead of.

10. Distribution box incoming and outgoing shall not withstand external forces. It is forbidden to make contact with metal sharp fracture and strong corrosive medium.