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Analysis Of Distribution Box And Its Wiring Problems
- Jan 25, 2018 -

However, what we saw is that in the stage of foundation plastering, the ground is extremely damp, and workers do not need to cut off the power and hold the hand-held illumination Laying the line away from the ground, arbitrarily placed on the ground chaos pull pull = aisle at the tube without protection, the bucket on the coming and going, and even some of the site using aluminum core sheath line cord for power lines and lighting and some wires Lighting tied to the wire, the iron frame, the right tree In addition, the aging of the lighting line is serious, the insulation is broken = the middle of the lighting line connector, the connector is not protected Lighting lines No switch box, no knife switch , And the lighting lines directly linked to the other equipment on the knife, or lighting circuit to bypass the leakage protector connected to the knife switch on the site of temporary lighting facilities layout is too low, free to break joints, like spider-like cable , And even some people hang clothes on it and so on. These violations are not uncommon, a lot of hidden dangers, urgent need to cause the construction unit heads attach great importance.