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What is the difference between AC distribution box and AC power distribution unit?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The distribution box is used to connect power supplies, transformers, drive equipment and other loads, and to monitor and protect the power supply system. It is used to connect, disconnect and switch power supplies and various loads to achieve a specified operating mode.

The AC power distribution unit is used to distribute electrical energy, that is, to use the three power, neutral, and ground wires of the transformer to distribute power according to the following load requirements. For example, a row requires five 20W lamps. The voltage is 220V and the current is about 0.5A, so in the distribution cabinet, phase and neutral switches must be used to select single-phase 6A. Of course, some of the rated voltage of the load is different, usually 220V 380V such as a 5KW three-phase asynchronous motor, which requires three-phase three-phase circuit breaker more than 15A as a power switch and some protective equipment. Power distribution can also be achieved. As you said, they are single-phase loads. Then you can balance the power of each stage. It's best not to overdo it. If your load is more important, you may need an emergency power supply with dual power switches. Your distribution cabinet needs a little more, or the inverter and battery are placed separately in the distribution cabinet. The inverter is used to convert AC power to dual power switches. Another group of forces can. When the main power supply is powered off, the three-phase AC dual power switch that can be converted by the inverter can automatically switch or manually switch the power supply to a more important load. It is generally not allowed to place power supplies of different voltage levels in the same distribution box. There are unsafe considerations.