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The difference between power distribution cabinet, distribution box and switch cabinet
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Distribution cabinets and distribution boxes are just different, but the actual size is a little different. The power distribution cabinets are of course larger, similar to the relationship between refrigerators and electric freezers, so distribution cabinets and distribution boxes are not. Too strict distinction, but the difference between the switchgear and their performance is very different, as follows:

The difference between the distribution box and the switch cabinet is common. The box that distributes power is called the distribution box. It is mainly used as a distribution box for the control of power equipment, power distribution, overload to the line, short circuit, and leakage. Installed in various places, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, homes, etc., like lighting distribution boxes, power distribution boxes, etc.

The switchgear is a complete set of switchgear and control equipment. It acts as a power center and main distribution unit. Mainly used for control, monitoring, measurement and protection of power lines, mainly electrical equipment. It is often installed in substations, power distribution rooms, etc.

In addition to the functions, installation environment, internal structure, and controlled objects, the distribution box and the switchgear are characterized by different dimensions, and the distribution box is small in size and can be concealed in the wall and can stand on the ground; The switchgear is large in size and only has devices in the substation and power distribution room.