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Talking about the maintenance and maintenance of the distribution box
- Jan 16, 2019 -

(1) To do a good job in the maintenance of the distribution box, fully understand the laying method, structural arrangement, routing path and starting position of the power supply line control loop. And the patrol line should be conducted once a week to check the load capacity and heat of the distribution box. In case of special circumstances such as heavy rain or flood, temporarily increase the number of inspections.


(2) Direct buried cables along railways and highways should be inspected once every half month. Check whether the ground of the cable terminal, cable trench and cable is pitted, whether there are excavation marks, and whether the marking pile is intact. Diagnosis, rational diagnosis of distribution transformer split position. The reactive power compensation device operation simulation function shall be able to give improved values to the limit or split position unreasonable compensation device, and use the historical operation data to perform capacitor switching simulation to determine more reasonable action limits and matching deformation heads for the automatic device. Reasonable location. The user voltage quality analysis module includes voltage yield calculation, harmonic analysis, and voltage imbalance analysis. The calculation result of the voltage qualification rate shall include: the daily, monthly, quarterly, annual cumulative voltage of each phase and the three-phase integrated upper limit time and the cumulative voltage lower limit time, the voltage pass rate, the highest voltage value and the lowest voltage value. The output of harmonic analysis and voltage imbalance analysis is: phase-separated and three-phase voltage and current waveforms and spectrum, voltage distortion rate and current distortion rate, negative sequence voltage component, and unbalance. The user power supply reliability analysis gives the monthly, quarterly, and annual accumulated user power outages (planned power outages and fault power outages) duration and power supply reliability rate. Equipment reliability analysis gives the cumulative fault outage time and cumulative maintenance outage time, reliability and failure rate, cumulative overload time and frequency, maximum load duration, and cumulative time of transformers, disconnectors, load switches and other electrical equipment. Run time, equipment life consumption, etc.

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