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Power Distribution Knowledge: What are the basic requirements for electrical lighting?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

(1) Illumination standard means that the working surface should have a suitable minimum illumination value.

In the lighting design of civil buildings, the illuminance values should be selected according to the nature of the building, the scale of the building, the grade standards, the functional requirements and the conditions of use.

(2) The quality of lighting is good, and the comfortable light environment is achieved by high-quality lighting effects. The high-quality lighting effects must be the illumination, brightness, glare, shadow, and color rendering of the illuminated environment. All factors such as stability can be achieved with full and correct handling.

In determining the required illumination level of the illuminated environment, the size of the observed object must be taken into consideration. To achieve good quality of the electric lighting, several major factors affecting the lighting quality must be handled.

1 Illumination uniformity and stability;

2 appropriate brightness distribution;

3 Limit glare and weaken shadows;

4 The color rendering of the light source.

(3) Economics of Lighting In lighting design, it is necessary to ensure sufficient illumination, but also to save energy.