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Is there any difference between the AC distribution box and the AC power distribution unit?
- Sep 28, 2018 -

The distribution box is used to connect power, transformers, converter equipment and other loads, and to monitor and protect the power supply system. It has the function of connecting, disconnecting, and switching between the power supply and various loads to achieve the specified operation mode. Control function device

The AC power distribution cabinet is used to distribute electrical energy, that is to say, the power supply has three power lines, one neutral line, one neutral line, and the ground line is allocated according to the following load requirements, such as a row of five 20W lights. The voltage is 220V and the current is about 0.5A. Then, in the power distribution cabinet, one phase line and one neutral line switch should be used to select single-phase 6A. Of course, some loads have different rated voltages, generally 220V 380v, such as a 5KW three-phase asynchronous motor. It requires three phase lines and one three-phase 15A circuit breaker to be used as a power switch and some protective appliances. This can also achieve power distribution. As you said, it is a single-phase load. Then you can balance the power carried by each phase. Try not to make too much difference. If your load is more important, you need emergency power supply with dual power switch. Your power distribution cabinet needs to be bigger or the inverter and battery are separately placed in a power distribution cabinet. The inverter is converted to AC power and then connected to the dual power switch. Another set of power supplies is fine. When the main power supply fails, the three-phase AC dual power switch that has been converted by the inverter is automatically switched or manually switched to supply power to the more important load. Power supplies of different voltage levels are generally not allowed to be placed in the same distribution box, and there are unsafe factors.