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How to properly use the household distribution box to avoid safety hazards
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Traditional household distribution box in use:

1. When there is a problem with the leakage switch itself, failure, etc., there is no sign, no automatic power-off, continuous power supply, electric leakage, and life-threatening;

2, there is no PE protection ground wire or poor contact, unreliable, very dangerous, electric leakage may not be protected;

3. Press the test switch once a month on a regular basis; in fact, “the self-test leakage of the leakage switch does not mean that the leakage switch can be used safely”, which is the reason why “the electric leakage switch will be dead”; The reason why residents check the leakage protector.

4, using the air switch to do the current protection switch, very unreliable, 10A air switch to 15A are not necessarily jumping, overload power does not know, electrical facilities such as wires, switches, sockets will be damaged, aging, performance degradation, buried Under the safety hazard, electrical fires are inevitable. Electrical fires account for about 50% of fire accidents. Electrical fires are generally equipped with air switches and leakage switches; it is intriguing.

5, no voltage protection, leakage switch, air switch can not afford voltage protection, high voltage may burn out the leakage switch, no signs after burnout, continue to supply power, there is a fatal safety hazard. The voltage can not be controlled autonomously, the voltage rises and is unstable, and the safety hazard is buried in the light, and the electrical fire is caused by burning the electrical appliance.



Household distribution box:

1. When the distribution box itself has problems, failures, etc., it can automatically prevent power failure protection, effectively avoiding leakage and electric shock. General faults can be fixed automatically.

2, no PE protection ground wire or poor contact, failure, still protection.

3, do not need to press the test switch once a month, no need to worry about failure and no protection, can be set to get rid of current to ensure safety, stable and reliable, no worries.

4. Monitor the current according to the actual safe carrying capacity of electrical facilities such as wires, switches and sockets, protect the electrical facilities from damage, aging, and bury potential safety hazards, and effectively prevent electrical fires.

5, with voltage protection, its own withstand voltage of 500VAC, can be set according to the rated voltage of the electrical output voltage, delay time, automatic or manual closing, fast response, etc., effectively prevent broken line 380V, wire aging, electrical appliances, Intensified phase line imbalance, lightning intrusion, etc. lead to voltage rise, instability and burnt electrical appliances.