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Home assembly box features and precautions
- Jan 25, 2018 -

1, distribution box neat wiring, no twist phenomenon. Wire connection is tight, do not hurt the core wire, constantly shares. Washer screws on both sides of the pressure under the cross-sectional area of the same terminal, the same terminal on the wire connection is not more than two, lock washers and other parts complete, the wire connection close;

2, distribution box verticality: box height 50cm below, allowable deviation 1.5mm; box height 50cm or more, allowable deviation 3mm. Lighting box embedded installation firm, the bottom edge of the ground height of 1.8m;

3, Switching power distribution box is flexible and reliable, with leakage protection circuit, leakage protection device operating current is not more than 30mA, the action time is not greater than 0.1s;

4, lighting box, respectively, set zero line (N) and protection of the ground (PE line) bus, zero line and the protection of the ground distribution by the bus;

5, the metal box distribution box must be grounded (PE) or zero access (PEN) reliable; with electrical openable door, door and frame of the grounding terminal between the bare braided copper connection, and logo. My company's products have always followed the principle of the interests of customers first to high-quality products, good service, competitive prices, we warmly welcome your arrival, let us join hands in creating a better future!