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Distribution System Automation Market Security Analysis
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Since all distribution network infrastructure must be able to prevent network attacks, the security of the power grid and its data is critical.

Security is the most discussed topic in today's advanced power distribution systems. Discussions are often focused on network security and encryption. Although encryption is important, it is not a modern panacea. The system security program utilizes advanced physical security to achieve unmatched low-cost IP protection, clone prevention, and peripheral security certification. 8 Two-way security authentication, multi-layer encryption, and physical tampering detection all prevent network from cyber threats: hardware, data transmission, and data storage.

When protecting hardware, security policies consider the entire product life cycle from manufacturing to installation to destruction. Combinations of secure hardware and security protection schemes must be used. It is important to prevent manufacturing partners from accessing private keys or to prevent the development of attack systems. In the early part of 2012, Puerto Rico had a complete breach of the confidentiality agreement, completely undermining the newly deployed local grid. During installation, secure assets must be strictly certified, preferably two-way authentication, as well as challenges and responses to ensure legitimacy. Such mutual authentication will confirm that neither the device nor the software has been tampered with during manufacture, especially when it is a third-party contractor. During work, physical security is required to ensure that the system is not easily tampered with. To prevent tampering by intercepting, changing, or using communication messages that can turn on or off the power, multiple layers of encryption must also be used.