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Distribution box zero line and ground can share it
- Jan 25, 2018 -

First, in accordance with the norms of power installation, distribution box zero line and ground can not be zero line and ground connected together.

Second, if the zero line and the ground connected together, the leakage can not be detected, there is a security risk, it will lead to the circuit breaker can not send electricity. When the external zero line due to ground when the ground will be charged, poor ground when the appliance shell will be charged, it is very dangerous.

Third, although the zero line is also grounded, but with the electronic equipment and three plug socket on the ground pin is essentially different. Zero line grounding is the circuit to the power supply circuit, which is called power supply. However, the grounding pins on the electronic equipment and the three plug sockets belong to the protection ground. Their difference is that when the zero line to the end of the disconnection or poor contact, the zero line will turn into a live line, with electricity, if you put the zero line with the ground, then converted into a hot line Of the zero line will be passed through the ground wire connected to the device's shell, so that the electronic equipment as a whole brought on the electricity, could easily lead to electric shock accident.